GlassRoots - Newark Glass Arts Center
GlassRoots - Newark Glass Arts Center
GlassRoots - Newark Glass Arts Center

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is glassblowing?

You’ve come to the right place! Glassblowing is one of our specialties.

Glassblowing is shaping molten glass into a three-dimensional object with the aid of a hollow pipe. Our skilled Teaching Artists can help even novice glassblowers create a work of art! ​Glassblowing requires the ability to endure temperatures 10-20 degrees above outside temperatures. Ability to sit and stand, use arms fully, lift between 5-10 pounds. Participants need to be at least 12 years old to learn how to blow glass.

What is flameworking?

Flameworking employs an individualized torch (and your imagination!) to make smaller-scale glass works. Each participant melts a glass rod over a gas burner then wraps the melted glass around a steel rod until a basic bead is created. By melting rods of different colors, you can create dots, lines or other original patterns. You can also design small animals, flowers and jewelry such as earrings, rings or pendants.  Flameworking requires the ability to extend your arms at about chest level for an extended period of time. Participants need to be at least 10 years of age to learn flameworking.

What are mosaics?

A mosaic is a picture or design composed of small, colorful glass tiles. The tiles are placed side-by-by and held in place by grout. In our mosaics classes, we create candle holders, frames, signs and more. Best of all, participants of all ages can participate in mosaics!

What is fusing?

Fusing describes a technique where participants create objects by arranging colorful glass shapes of various sizes into an original design, gluing the shapes into place, then baking them in a kiln to fuse the entire design together. Our fused glass students make creative designs ranging from wearable pendants to charcuterie boards. Participants must be at least 10 years old to fuse glass.

Is glassblowing dangerous?

Of course we know that fire is inherently dangerous. But we teach safety first and how to harness the power of fire and heat to create beautiful works of art in a safe way. ​Try a beginner class and experience the thrill of the Hot Shop firsthand!

Can I decide what I make?

In some ways, yes. Several classes are dedicated to making one item while others allow you to choose from a menu of options appropriate for your level. Household items including vases, bowls and plates can be made either as fused glass (link to fusing page) or blown glass objects.

Do you commission glass art works?

Yes we do! Our talented studio artists excel at creating unique, handmade glass awards for all types of special occasions. Download our commissions PDF here and email for more information. Happiness and ease guaranteed!

Do you repair glass?

No, we do not handle repairs.

How could I become a teaching artist at GlassRoots?

We hire Teaching Artists on an ongoing basis. Please sign up for our mailing list below to learn about upcoming teaching opportunities at GlassRoots.

Do you offer adult classes?

Yes! You’ve come to the right place. Please see our schedule of Classes for Adults here. We look forward to meeting you!

How large of a group can we bring?

We can host groups of up to 40 participants split into different studios.

Is there parking?

Yes, there is a monitored outdoor parking lot located directly across the street from our building. Street parking is also available.

What is your cancelation and refund policy?

GlassRoots makes a substantial commitment to our Teaching Artists when organizing the class program, and vacancies can be hard to fill at short notice. Therefore, cancellations received up to 7 days prior to class will be refunded minus a $20 cancellation fee. Refunds will not be granted for cancellations received less than 7 days prior to the first day of class or for withdrawals during the class session.