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GlassRoots - Newark Glass Arts Center
GlassRoots - Newark Glass Arts Center
Team Experiences

Team Experiences

Glassblowing requires liquid glass, heat, and specialized tools but the most important ingredient is, by far, team work: everyone in the studio plays a role in ensuring each other’s safety and success.

That’s what makes GlassRoots the ideal setting for your company or organization’s next team building adventure!

We offer an enticing slate of unique, empowering, and engaging glassmaking activities tailored to professional development, onboarding, or simply reconnecting with remote office workers. Work closely with your team under the guidance of our talented studio artists to transform liquid glass into a handmade take home piece; design a mosaic from colorful glass; or engrave a memento with a special message.

Join us here in Newark or arrange for our artists to customize a program offsite at your office or organization! Programs range from one hour to all-day, single session or multi-session experiences, and can accommodate from 2 to 40 participants.

GlassRoots Team Building programs are great for groups including:

  • Local businesses
  • Corporations
  • Nonprofits
  • Law firms
  • Government agencies
  • Community centers
  • Recreational groups
  • Membership organizations

COST: $30 (minimum) per person

Let us help you create a captivating program that works with your budget and profile

Questions? Contact Program Assistant, Lisandra Wieters

Ignite camaraderie and cheer by mixing and matching from the options below.


Beads, Baubles and Beasts in the Flameworking Studio

Using a high-temperature flame or torch, explore melting and shaping colorful glass rods into one-of-a-kind beads or pendants. Finished projects can include wine stoppers, keychains, necklaces, small animal sculptures, and more.

Hot Shop

Glassblowing in the Hot Shop

Guided by our experienced glassblowers, your team will discover the magic of shaping and forming molten glass into solid objects such as flowers, paperweights, hearts, and other fun items to take home or back to work.

Patterns and Pictures

Patterns and Pictures
in Mosaics

Get your team designing, planning and executing unique art glass designs. You will learn the basics of design layout, cutting glass, and grouting. Projects include pictures, decorative frames, seasonal items, coasters, and more.

Stained Glass Suncatchers

Stained Glass

Forge a connection with the ancient art of stained glass by creating a small suncatcher to catch the light, creating small rainbows in your office. Your group will learn to cut sheet glass, and use metal foil and flux to solder the frame to create this colorful keepsake.

Team Experiences
Team Experiences

The Biggest Drip:
A glassmaking team building competition

A unique team building experience! Your team will divide into two groups striving to create the biggest drip of glass. Guided by our trained glassblowers, each participant will learn to extract 2,100-degree molten glass on a long steel rod from a glass-melting furnace. Using heat, gravity, and centrifugal force, each team member will compete to make the longest glass drip!

This memorable, fast-paced, team activity fosters high energy, cheering and camaraderie. Winners even take home a prize.