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Hot Glass Road Show

The Hot Glass Road Show

Can’t make it to GlassRoots? Too hard to choose which classes to try? Planning an all-school event? We’ll bring the magic, science and excitement of hot glass to you!

GlassRoots can come to you with our Hot Glass Road Show, a mobile glassblowing studio. Our talented glassblowers will demonstrate the art of shaping molten glass into functional and artistic glass pieces. This educational and entertaining experience will expose a large group to the wonder and power of glass.

GlassRoots can provide this experience at schools, festivals, public events, or parties.

Hot Glass Road Show

Site Requirements: 20’ x 20’ outdoor space
Access to an electrical outlet, standard amperage.

Program Timeline: We require a full day (6-8 hours) and can serve up to 50 participants. Your group will be seated semi-circle around our staging area. The Hot Glass Road Show can repeat its demonstration in intervals of 30 minutes, or more. Please allow approximately two hours for set-up and approximately two hours for cooling down and breakdown.

Questions? Contact Program Assistant, Lisandra Wieters

Hot Glass Road Show

Professional Development Workshop

GlassRoots can provide a professional development workshop for up to 15 teachers as part of the Hot Glass Road Show. GlassRoots education staff works in collaboration with participating teachers to create hands-on engagement with their desired curriculum. Lessons include: introduction to glassblowing masters, the history of glass, the American studio glass movement, the science of glass, the history of glassblowing and a glossary of glass terms.

 Following the program, each student will be able to:

  • Understand how glass is made and used as an artistic medium
  • Describe the main steps of the glassblowing process
  • Understand the roles of glassblowing teams
  • Create their own glass art work

Questions? Contact Program Director, Michelle Knox

Funding for this program provided by the New Jersey State Council on the Arts.